About Us

Our Staff

Our team is dedicated to helping children and youth who face challenges at home, at school, or in the community.


Kevin is the coordinator for KidStart Fraser and has been with the program for more than 35 years! When not at work, you can find him coaching rugby or spending time with his family.


Arnel is a coordinator with KidStart in Vancouver. He loves being active, so it doesn’t take much to convince him to chase a ball around or lift heavy things for no reason.


Lak has been a coordinator with KidStart in the Vancouver area for more than 10 years. Laughter is important to Lak…”For me, laughter is like a cup of coffee…I need it everyday!”


Erika is a coordinator with KidStart. She has been at PLEA for over 10 years and is a former KidStart volunteer mentor herself. Outside of work, you can catch her spending time with family, friends, and her two dogs.


Michelle is the KidStart coordinator for the Ridge Meadows area. Michelle enjoys spending time with her family, is an animal lover, and has an array of various pets at home.


Wilf is the manager of the program in Ridge Meadows. He is an avid traveler, foodie and dog parent.


Julia is the manager of KidStart for Vancouver Coastal. Born and raised in Vancouver, Julia is a champion for programming that meets children and youth where they are at, and that is agile and flexible enough to respond quickly to their unique needs and circumstances.


Jodi has been working at PLEA for 26 years. No one is sure how this is possible but there it is. She began her career in early 1995 as a youth worker and then worked as a KidStart coordinator and is now the program manager in Tri-Cities.


Wilf is the manager of the program in Ridge Meadows. He is an avid traveler, foodie and dog parent.


Mike has been a program director with PLEA since 2008. Following a teaching career in the UK, Mike joined PLEA as a one-to-one DARE worker in 1988 and became a program manager in 1998. In addition to KidStart, Mike is responsible for PLEA’s Youth Justice programs for the Vancouver Coastal region, Tri-Cities Youth Services, Ridge Meadows Youth Services, Onyx and Children of the Street.


Ethan is KidStart’s fundraiser and has been with the program since September of 2019. In his spare time he enjoys drinking coffee around Vancouver and playing board games.

Our Donors

We are extremely thankful to have such incredible supporters who have donated funds to KidStart over the years.

  • Community Partners

  • VRCA Young Construction Leaders (YCL)

  • Corporate

  • Dayhu Investments

  • Faith Wilson Group

  • G&F Financial

  • Kiewit Ledcor TMEP Partnership
  • Porte Communities

  • Ventena Construction Corporation

  • Foundation

  • Ames Family Foundation
  • Andrew Mahon Foundation
  • CKNW Kids’ Fund

  • Gordon Fund, held at the Vancouver Foundation
  • Hamber Foundation
  • Loyal Protestant Association

  • Reay & Lynda Mackay Fund, held at Fiera Capital Foundation

  • Pacific Blue Cross Health Foundation
  • Phyliss & Irving Snider Foundation
  • RBC Foundation

  • Reay & Lynda Mackay Fund, held at Fiera Capital Foundation
  • RBC Foundation
  • Volunteer for Children Fund, held at the Vancouver Foundation
  • West Vancouver Foundation

  • Provincial

  • We gratefully acknowledge the financial assistance of the Province of British Columbia.

  • Municipal

  • City of Surrey
  • City of Vancouver
  • Individuals

  • Ann Alexander
  • Britta West
  • Daniel Keil

  • Donald Gordon

  • Efrat Gal-Or

  • Jen Graham
  • Joan Andersen
  • Joyce Preston
  • Kera McArthur
  • Kevin Taylor

  • Mike Jeffreys

  • Nancy Gordon
  • Scott Campbell

  • Tim Agg
  • Tim Veresh