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KidStart is a one-to-one volunteer mentoring program for children and youth facing challenges at home, at school or in the community.

Benefits for Kids

  • Have that ‘go to’ person, when life presents challenges.
  • Build confidence and experience personal growth.
  • Discover inner dreams and potential.
  • Develop strong community connections.

Benefits for Mentors

  • Gain valuable experience for your career and personal development.
  • The satisfaction of knowing you are having a positive impact on the life of a young person.
  • Participate in fun activities you might not otherwise do.
  • Learn new skills and discover new interests…it works both ways!
  • Get more information by visiting our Volunteer FAQ
  • Flexibility and autonomy in scheduling time with your mentee and what you do when you are together.

What’s Expected

KidStart is a prevention program. It aims to help young people make good choices and develop inner strength and resilience.

By being positive role models, our mentors offer guidance and support to their mentees and encourage them to participate in activities that allow them to experience success. These all help build resilience to the risk factors they may face in their lives.

The best way for these important relationships to develop is for mentors and mentees to spend time together weekly for about three hours, and for this
time to be spent simply having fun. We provide a monthly allowance of $40 to help towards the cost of undertaking activities with your mentee.

Volunteer Testimonials

  • Through our weekly hangouts we were able to bond over shoe trends, sports, and videogames. I had no expectation as to what would happen over us meeting but I can honestly say it’s been an amazing experience to be part of KidStart and continue to support my mentee.

    Ryan Hart
  • As a PLEA volunteer of 1 years, I would like to express my strong support for the KidStart program. My experience has a volunteer mentor has enabled me to help a young person through some very difficult challenges.

    Paige Dong
  • Over the last 4 years, I have seen my mentee grow so much. They are now more confident, open and content in life. I know that the time we have spent together has made a big difference for them. I can say that KidStart has been a fantastic resource for my mentee and their family. I am grateful to be part of this program and I hope you will consider supporting the children who benefit from it.

    Myriame Lyons

Who Can Volunteer

Our volunteer mentors are positive, responsible people from a variety of backgrounds in the Lower Mainland. If you meet these criteria, you should apply!

Our screening process involves at least two interviews, three references and a police record check. Once screened, current mentors are matched with a mentee of the same gender and who live in the same geographic area. Mentors are trained in first aid and strength-based mentoring. Our coordinators provide on-going training, support, and supervision to help them be the best mentor they can be.

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