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In British Columbia

A life-changing mentorship program that provides vulnerable children with a nurturing relationship, a chance to have fun and a sense of belonging.

What We Do

We provide children and youth who are at risk of experiencing difficulties in their lives, with the one-to-one support of a caring volunteer mentor. Through the gift of time, our mentors help these young people to grow, thrive and connect with the community they call home.

Our Goals

To provide each child with opportunities to develop a supportive relationship with a caring adult, to experience a sense of personal achievement, and to strengthen their resilience.

How It Works

Our mentors meet weekly with the young person to whom they are assigned and engage them in activities that are fun, and that have the potential to create new interests, discover inherent talents and abilities, and reinforce strengths.

Our Beginnings

KidStart began more than 35 years ago, back when the founders were youth workers themselves. Its practice and philosophies are rooted in evidence, and it has proven itself time and again that it works!

We’re Unique

We’re able to support children and youth that other mentoring programs are not. Our mentors know how to engage those who are hard to reach, recognize signs of trauma, and handle disclosures. They also stick with us. Most have been with us for many years.

Why Volunteer?

Spend a few hours a week with a child or youth in need. If you are over 19, prepared to accept a young person unconditionally, gifted with common sense, a sense of fun and a positive attitude join our KidStart team and share the wonderful experience of helping a child or teen grow and thrive.

Why Donate?

KidStart relies on grants, donations and fundraising events in order to operate. Become a one-time or monthly donor and help us provide positive and meaningful relationships to young people in your community.

Where would you like to donate?

Lower Mainland Victoria Comox Valley/Campbell River


  • One experience can change a life. I’ve seen it. I’ve seen it in their faces.

    Ann Alexander
    KidStart Co-Founder
  • I can really see a difference in my mentee from the beginning to present. My mentee shows more confidence and I can truly say that they look forward to my company.

    KidStart Volunteer Mentor
  • You can walk around trouble if you have somewhere to walk to and someone to walk with.

    Ann Alexander
    KidStart Co-Founder


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Looking for KidStart in your community? We operate in the following locations…

Connect with your region’s KidStart community in either the Lower Mainland, Victoria, or Comox Valley/Campbell River.

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