Mentorship Stories

“PLEA’s mission resonated so much with me that I decided to join immediately. Frankly, I was a bit intimidated by the idea of working with vulnerable kids. I didn’t really know what it took to be a good volunteer mentor. Luckily for me, I had a lot of support and encouragement along the way.  I really enjoy the fact that you get a chance to relive your childhood: riding bikes, playing laser tag, walking dogs, beatboxing and acting silly can be a lot of fun!”

-Dennis, KidStart Volunteer Mentor

girlheaddown (1)“She helped me through everything I was going through – and she taught me how to be a confident, open, and smart person. To this day, her and I still get together and check in over coffee. I am very thankful to PLEA for sending her to me.”

-former KidStart participant

*Brandon and I were returning to his foster home when he noticed my business card on the dash. He asked if that was where I worked and if that was my phone number and I told him that it was. I asked him if he knew his current home phone number and he told me he did not. “What will you do if you get lost?” I asked. He thought for a moment and said he would call his mom. I then asked him what he would do if she wasn’t home. He replied that he did not know.  To change the subject, Brandon asked if he could come to work with me one day. I told him I had a trade show to go to and asked if he like to come. He said he would. When I got home I designed a business card for him using his name and current address so he would have it for future reference and I thought he could also take it to the trade show.  On the day of the trade show, I gave Brandon the business card and advised him of the proper etiquette: he should put out his hand, introduce himself and offer his business card. When we arrived, my friend George came over to say hello. I introduced George to Brandon who promptly put out his hand and asked George what he did. After George explained what he did, he pulled out his business card, handed it to George and introduced himself. Brandon went on to meet as many people as possible, trading cards and charming everyone. He was the star of the show. It was one of the proudest moments of my life. Just one of the many gifts I have received from being his mentor.

-Doug, KidStart Volunteer Mentor


 *Name has been changed