Over 50 people sign up to run the Vancouver Sun Run in support of KidStart

Kalli_Sun_RunOver 50 people have signed up to run the Vancouver Sun Run this year in support of ‪#‎KidStart‬! One runner, Kalli Niedoba, has worked for the program for 3 years!

Last year she completed the run in 52 minutes. This year she wants to do it in just 47. Please help her raise $47 for each of the 10 kilometers in the Vancouver Sun Run – so that she can raise $470 towards our collective team goal of $10K for 10KM.

Other team members include Atomic Cartoons Inc employees, VRCA U40 Network members and the best ambassadors for what we do – KidStart Volunteer Mentors. You guys are the best!

You can support the KidStart Sun Run team by making a donation here.

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